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Wintel W8 Pro Cloning hard disk partition, Increase Internet Speed, Performance: Download Wintel W8 Pro drivers

Clone Partition, increase wifi speed and performance of Wintel W8 Pro. In this article, we will show you how to increase the internet speed, overall performance including faster booting speed, smoother system speed of the Wintel W8 Pro windows 10 TV.

Wintel W8 Pro drivers performance

Cloning partition of Wintel W8 Pro

Disable Secure Boot in Bios. Create Multi Boot Usb Flash Drives (run as admin). Upload The Windows_10.ISO (64bit) file by going to Program > select target usb Flash drive and select for windows 10 installer.
When the process completes, remove the drive.
It is recommended to create a bootable clonezilla USB flash drive.
Plug The CloneZilla Usb Flash Drive in Wintel Pro windows tablet.
Go to Bios (Power Button > then Esc Button on Keyboard)
In the Bios of Wintel Pro, select / Boot manager/ the Usb Flash Drive
Start By Enter.

Download Wintel W8 Pro drivers

After doing a clean install of windows 10 64 bit edition using USB flash drive, you will need the official wintel w8 pro drivers. You can download them from here. All drivers will install just fine. Audio driver will work only after unplugging the jack from the audio port. It is recommended to disable your anti virus before installing drivers.

Smoother system speed:
1. Right click
2. Click Search
3. type Performance and open Adjust the appearance
2. Disable all and Apply/Ok

Increase wifi speed and performance of Wintel W8 Pro

Fast Booting Speed.
(**Disable Secure Boot in Bios**)
1. Run msconfig
2. Select Boot
3. Boot time valu = 3
4. Advanced options number of processors 4 + memory 2048
Disable Startup High Label Software Example (Office)
Extra option:
Disable Fast Booting Option in (Power Settings)
1.Choose what power button do.
2.change settings that are Currently unavailable.
3. Disable Turn on Fast Startup.
(Tested With all My installed Software)
Shutdown= (25 sec blue light Off)
Startup= (1 min 04 to 06 sec)
Rebooting time= (1 min 23 sec)
Note: you can still boost the windows with avg tune up (Turbo Mode)

Increase Wifi speed:
Step 1.
1. Select Settings
2. Select Update
3. Advanced Options
4. Choose How Updates are Delivered
5. Disable the on and off switch

Step 2.
1. Right click on start menu
2 Run gpedit.msc ( if error go to 1 Below)
3. Administrative Templates
4. Network
5. Qos Packet Scheduler
6. Limit reserved bandwidth
7. Enable
8. Enter Value 0 Apply and OK
1. Download gpedit.msc and install
2. Go to
3. Search gpedit and
Run As Administrator
4. Go to step 2- 3
Download this and try running speed test again.