Windows Update KB3105208 and Blue Screen of Death

Yesterday Microsoft pushed a new Windows Update, KB3105208 and it was affecting Secure boot enabled devices running preview build. This KB3105208 update caused blue screen for many users.

Windows Update KB3105208

Microsoft is fully aware of this situation and Gabriel Aul tweeted about it and said the company has pulled the update and it will no longer be pushed to the devices.

In case, the Windows Update KB3105208 has been installed on your laptop and you are facing blue screen of death issue, you would have to disable Secure Boot in order for it to work correctly. So once the fix is in the works, you will be able to re-enable Secure Boot for protection. Here is how you do it:

Boot UEFI, disable Secure Boot; Enter Bit-locker key if required; Boot into OS
Uninstall KB3105208; Reboot machine to ensure full uninstall and Re-enable Secure Boot.

Microsoft is still debugging the precise cause of it.

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