Windows Phone: Force Enable Internet Sharing if blocked by network provider

In this article we will show how to force enable Internet Tethering / sharing even if it is blocked by your network provider (carrier). I have tested it on Cricket and AT&T and it is working like a charm. This method requires you to have registry editor (link given below) and to get it installed, you must have a interop unlocked Lumia handset.


How to enable Tethering (Internet Sharing) if carrier blocks it

For carriers like Cricket that completely blocks tethering you will need the ICSSVC and system settings. However for others like AT&T that allow it but only on certain plans you will only need the ICSSVC settings. Set these registry keys:


@=”Soft AP”



Keep in mind that if you change sim cards, the dword:000000b0, which is integer 176, will get reset and will need to be redone.

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