Windows 10 Mobile to have 4 x 4 Tile support

The documentation on tile sizes on Microsoft website has been updated and it now includes 4×4 large tile which is basically four small tiles arranged to form a large square tile.

Windows 10 Mobile 4 x 4 tile support

Right now, the 4 x 4 tile support in Windows 10 Mobile test build is absent but since the documentation about 4 x 4 tiles is present on Microsoft’s site, we are quite sure that this will be included in final or upcoming builds.

Such tile size will be very helpful for users who like to view  a lot of data without opening the app, such as in Email app where one could see content of the unread email along with sender and subject.

The 2×3 and 1×4 live tiles were spotted back in 2013 and later they made their debut in Windows Phone 8.1. Now with 4 x 4 tile, developers will be able to show you more data and content at the same time.

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