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Windows 10 Mobile Office screenshots

Microsoft promised that it will be bringing a heap of improvements and enhancements in the next generation of Office and they were right. I am running Office Preview application on my Lumia 520 running WP10 Technical Preview and I am completely blown away by the exciting features the new Windows 10 Mobile Office brings to the table.
Windows 10 Mobile Office

Office Mobile is now a universal app

The new Office is a part of universal set of Office apps. This means the mobile version will be updated along with PC version as they will share the same base code. This means added functionality and much improved user experience.

Create PPT files on windows phone

Users will finally gain the ability to create new Powerpoint files. This was previously not possible. Editing a powerpoint is also much better.

Templates Preview

You now get little thumbnails that show how a template looks like, much like the Office 2013. Also the amount of templates included have grown multifold. This translates to more happy customers.

Much Improved Excel

If there is one application that Microsoft took super seriously, it is the Excel. It is so much improved and comes with a lot of functionality that brings it even more closer to its desktop kin.
You can find the entire set of screenshots here. While there are lot of rough edges still present, we still have to give MS a nice pat on the back for finally updating Office on Windows Phone.