Windows 10 Mobile: Keyboard Missing for Android Apps

In the latest build, myriad users are complaining about the keyboard missing problem for android applications in Windows 10 Mobile 10512. Thanks to XDA, there is a solution for that. To use it, you need to have ADB installed on your computer. If you are not interested in downloading the entire android SDK just for ADB, you can grab 15 second ADB installer and APK file from bottom of this post. Now type in these commands in command prompt from ADB folder.

Windows 10 Mobile Keyboard Missing for Android Apps

adb push “C:/path/to/MicrosoftInputMethod.apk” /sdcard/MicrosoftInputMethod.apk

adb shell
pm install /sdcard/MicrosoftInputMethod.apk

If you use adb install “C:/path/to/MicrosoftInputMethod.apk”, you will get [INTERNAL_AGENT_ERROR]error. So make sure to use adb shell pm install “C:/path/to/MicrosoftInputMethod.apk”;

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