Windows 10 for Phone release date (tech preview)

According to a reddit user whose friend works at Microsoft and for mobile division claims that the company will start pushing “Windows 10 for Phone” update to its insiders on 4th of February. He also adds that scrolling performance is twice fast as iOS which means even smoother browsing experience.

windows phone 10 release date

Windows 10 for phones a k a WP10 will bring heaps of enhancements and improvements over WP8.1 including a brand new Web browser called Spartan and updated Microsoft Office application. The update will be made available to all Lumia and other windows phones free of cost.

However keep in mind that there are many such reports floating on the web, so take it with a pinch of salt. Few days back Microsoft pushed an update renaming the Phone Insider app to Windows Insider where it enabled login with MS account. This is a big hint for tech preview for Windows 10 for Phones.

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