Use Win64e10 to enjoy N64 games on Windows 10 Mobile

Win64e10 is available for download that allows users to play their favorite N64 games on their windows 10 laptop and windows 10 mobile devices. This is an advanced N64 emulator for windows 10 mobile and comes with excellent features like auto saving progress, slot selection, cheat codes supported and so on. Download links for Win64e10 are given below.

Download Win64e10 windows 10 mobile

Win64e10 for windows 10 mobile supports ROMs in .n64, .v64, or .z64 format. Here is how you play a N64 game on your windows 10 mobile. Transfer the ROM to anywhere in your phone, select the directory in the app and then the N64 ROM.

It also supports Xbox 360 controller but only for PC and tablets that run x86 windows. Please keep in mind that no ROMs are included.

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