Unbrick Lumia Windows Phone with easy to follow steps

This is a tutorial that will help you to easily unbrick your Lumia windows easily.

Step 1) You will need Lumia recovery tool. So download it and install it.
Step 2) Launch Lumia recovery tool (LRT). Unplugged your Lumia from computer or charger and turn off phone by holding power button for awhile. Once it shuts down, move to the third step.

Unbrick Lumia Windows Phone

Step 3) Plug in your windows phone to computer and as soon as you do that…hold down volume down button and power button simultaneously for a few seconds and then lift off the power button while keeping the volume down pressed. You will soon see an exclamation point on the screen.

Step 3.5) If you get the spinning cogs again, you did not hold down the volume down button long enough. So repeat step 3 again till you get exclamation point.

Step 4) On Lumia Recovery Tool, select “phone not detected” . Wait for the software to detect your Lumia phone.

Step 4.5) Phone should now be detected.

Step 5) Make it download your phones firmware. It can take some time depending on your phone’s bandwidth.

Step 5.5) While in recovery mode (the directional arrows) your phone might reboot on its own if it takes too long to download the firmware. If it does that don’t panic. Just repeat above steps once the firmware is almost done downloading.

Step 6) Flash firmware. It should take about 4-5 minutes. Do not unplug phone, touch phone, or touch the USB cable while flashing, else you might end up with a brick.

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