Telstra picks up Stephen Elop after leaving Microsoft

Former Nokia CEO and Ex-Microsoftie Stephen Elop has now joined Telstra Australia. Elop is now 52 and ran Nokia from 2010 to 2013 and sold most of the Nokia’s property excluding NSN and Nokia HERE division to Microsoft. While some of us were touting him as CEO of Microsoft, he left last year after Satya Nadella was appointed as CEO.

Stephen Elop Telstra

Telstra CEO Andrew Penn said that Stephen Elop will add major firepower to the Telstra’s team with excellent technology experience and innate sense of customer expectations. Elop will be responsible to make Telstra a world class tech company when he starts working next month.

Couple of years ago, Microsoft bought Nokia for 7.6 billion dollars and growth has been stagnant since then. We hope the share will get better after Windows 10 mobile becomes available to rest of the users.

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