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Tap WiFi toggle to turn Wi-Fi on and off

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10030 adds it

Microsoft is bringing myriad additions and modifications in its upcoming build 10030. One of those modifications is the ability to turn wireless off by tapping the Wi-Fi icon in action center. Also if you hold the Wi-Fi icon for a second or so, it will take you to Settings. People have been requesting this feature since the introduction of windows phone 8.1 and finally, it is here.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10030

When Microsoft introduced action center, a lot of people were annoyed by the fact that tapping on to Wi-Fi icon takes you to settings and there is no direct way to disable Wi-Fi.

Other new features added by Windows 10 Mobile Build 10030 are:

1. Block and filter apps. It does exactly what the Lumia call block app did but now it is available to all windows phone users.
2. Insider Hub: This app is a port of desktop’s windows 10’s insider hub.
3. Updated and redesigned Maps app.
4. New and redesigned Messaging app.
5. Updated phone app that supports smart dialing. This looks ugly to be honest.