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Surface All in One Release Date: report claims new Surface hardware coming in Q4 2016

A news blogger from ZDnet has reported that Surface All in One might be released by the end of 2016. Microsoft has been thinking their Surface lineup by releasing a new Surface branded windows mobile next year and an all in one. This was also confirmed by a developer who recently attended a Windows Insider event at Microsoft.

Surface All in One Release Date

In fact, Microsoft already have plans for a fall 2016 Microsoft hardware event for launching this new Surface all in one desktop. This all in one will be much more sharper looking than the popular Apple iMac but should be more powerful as MS Surface Pro tablets pack much more punch than the iPad Pro tablets.

Talking about iPad Pro, they still run Appleā€™s mobile operating system, iOS which is no way as productive as Surface Pro line up. True, if you are into mobile gaming, iPad Pro is a better choice due to the iOS eco system but if you on the move to get some important work done, then Surface would be a wiser choice. Also, an iPad Pro 9.7 with keyboard case is no way as productive and useful as Surface Pro with surface dock.

Microsoft is also preparing an update to Microsoft Band with even better hardware and rumors are brewing that it might be released with the Surface All in one desktop.