Roboform is coming to Windows Phone

Folks behind the popular Roboform have confirmed to a user that they are indeed working on a Roboform app for Windows Phone platform. Roboform is already available for android and iOS. Roboform is already available for windows laptops and it is a great news that it is coming for windows phone as well.
Roboform windows phone

They confirmed this on Facebook. For those who do not know about it, it is a automatic form filler and password manager. It is really nice seeing all the great iOS and Android apps coming to Nokia Lumia and other windows phones. Stay tuned on nokiaviews for more leaks.

We already love Roboform on our convertible ultrabook where we have to use touchscreen to do all kinds of data entry. Entering a lot of data, especially on forms is not a great idea especially when using convertible ultrabook in tablet mode. With Roboform, you would not have to fill forms again and again.

It will be interesting to see how Roboform does it because Internet mobile does not support any plugin extensions right now. The only way we see this happening will be via an app that makes use of the Internet mobile’s browsing engine. The user will be using Roboform app on their phone and then using the functionality of the app to fill the data. Your data which you had synced earlier will be available after you log into the app.

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