Remove Bing Watermark from Lockscreen on Windows Phone

If you love Bing lockscreen wallpaper on your windows phone but want to remove the Bing watermark, there is a way to do it. The solution requires you to do some file editing of system that need some extra steps from your side.


All credits go to this user at xda-developers who found this tweak. We are not responsible if you mess up your phone. If your phone becomes unusable or you corrupt your files, roll back to latest official using windows device recovery software.

1. Enable full file system access on windows phone and install file editor.
2. Open in text editor: c:\PROGRAMS\LOCKANDWALLPAPER\720×1280\binglogo.pos .ucs2le (where 720×1280 is the screen resolution of your phone)
3. The text file sets the desired position of the watermark. I changed mine to 720 1280.

That is it. The bing logo / watermark will no longer appear on your phone’s lockscreen.

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