Download Opera Mini Web Browser for Windows Phone

Folks at Opera took a long time in bringing their Opera web browser to windows phone but it is finally here. Opera is now accepting users for BETA testing. Update – the app is here finally. Here are its features:

* Browse faster: Content-heavy webpages with lots of images and graphics load faster. We make webpages lighter, so you can enjoy the fastest browser for your device.
* Save data: Opera Mini can reduce webpages down to 10% of their normal size. That saves you data, giving you faster, cheaper internet.
* Navigate easily: Bigger buttons and a clear layout make Opera Mini easier to use.
* Be social: Share your favorite content in a snap!
* Browse safely: Opera’s focus on security and data privacy, keeps you safer on the web.

Updated: September 10 2014

The main thing we are looking forward to is their browsing experience. We hope to see two finger swipe back anywhere on the screen to navigate back to like one does on Windows 8 RT. Let us hope Opera can bring that smooth browsing experience on windows phone.

Back in March, Opera released Opera Mini web browser for Java and BlackBerry platforms. An Opera moderator told us that they are not working on a windows phone version. Well it is good to see it finally seeing the light.

opera mini windows phone download

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