OnePlus One CM13 ROM: Download latest Cyanogen Mod 13 for One Plus One

OnePlus One is backed by massive support from Cyanogen Mod team and there are plenty of CM13 ROMs for this android phone. This ROM has support for Xposed software as well.

download OnePlus One CM13 ROM

Here is how to flash this CM13 ROM: Recovery – Wipe – advanced wipe – Select internal card – FS options – Check F2FS and swipe.

1) Make sure Oneplus one TWRP is installed. Then install the ROM – download latest build from there.
2) Slim Gapps (don’t flash any other).

For best speed, this configuration is recommended:
* cache –> F2FS
* Internal Data –>F2FS
* System –> EXT4

Here are its list of features:

Updated SQL to
Optimized SQL code for faster Read/Write
CM Super User (for now is the most stable one)
CameraNext from COS13
New Kernel
Improved Code of frameworks
Optimized Build with custom tool chain on ROM and Kernel
Optimizations for our chip
Improved sound with speex resampler
Improved bionic with many optimized libraries (faster rom)
Improved Art with upstream patches
More than 100 mem fixes not included on cm builds
Optimized native frameworks for our device
LZMA updated to the latest
Proguard 5.2.1
Google Webview
F2FS ready for data and cache
Immersive mode
Expanded Notifications
Network Monitor
K1 Camera (Color OS camera and plugins)
ColorOs Blobs (much better quality)

Coming to Xposed part, flash it after flashing this CM13 ROM. Same goes for gapps which should be flashed after flashing main ROM.

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