Onda oBook 11 Drivers for windows 10

If you have done a hard reset on the Onda oBook 11 windows laptop, you might be searching for the official driver set. Finding that on their English site and Chinese site is a daunting task as the manufacture has made it incredibly hard to find and even after a search engine will come up with nothing at all.

Download Onda oBook 11 Drivers

Thankfully the company has shared the official Onda oBook 11 drivers for the windows 10 with us. They have shared a link with us that allows one to download the official drivers for the Onda oBook 11. Make sure you are running chrome on your computer as it offers inbuilt language translation. You will also need to be registered on baidu before you can download the driver set for the Onda obook 11.

Onda oBook 11 specs include 11.6 inch full HD display with 178 degree resolution, Intel Atom X5 cherry trail processor, Intel HD Graphics Gen 8 graphics, windows 10, micro SD card slot, 32GB flash storage, 2GB RAM, 3.5mm headphone jack, 2 megapixel front camera, Bluetooth 4.0 radio, 802.11n wireless LAN, multi touch support, OTG capability and g-sensor support as well. Battery size has 8000 mAh capacity. Onda oBook 11 packs 288*195*15.5mm and weighs 1190 grams. It has dual USB 3.0 interface and supports HDMI.

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