Nokia X3 Touch and Type and the Nokia moment

Nokia today announced Nokia X3 Touch and Type, the first touch screen device on Nokia’s Series40 platform, and also Nokia’s first touch screen device that also packs a traditional 12-button keypad. The device has nice hardware though lacks GPS. It looks cool in videos and I congratulate Nokia for crafting this interesting device.

The Nokia moment comes at 1:33 on the video below, when the son of the former president of Finland (you have to always remember to mention that) and now Senior Vice President, Design at Nokia, describes the qualities of the phone: “the touch screen is like a smooth body of water evolves into the ripples of the key pad”. Way to go! It goes into the history of Nokia advertising.

While hoping to not underestimate Mr. Ahtisaari’s former achievements (that I’m not familiar with) one could say that Nokia bought him for his (design) voice. And there is nothing wrong with that. Nokia needs a voice.

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