Nokia MD-12 Wireless Speaker review

With the launch of Lumia 930, 630 and 635, the company also released Nokia MD-12 wireless speaker. The speaker is exceptionally cute and small but you do know “big things come in small packages”, right? Well it holds true for this one.

MD-12 hands-on review

The MD-12 can be connected to any Bluetooth enabled phone via Bluetooth but one can also connect it via 3.5 mm jack. It feels really small in the hand and despite its small size and mere 180 grams weight, it offers 15 hours of quality music playback.

MD-12 hands-on by coolxap

The MD-12 comes in four colors – yellow, green, orange and white and is appropriately priced at EUR 39. While the price is slightly hgiher than the cheap ones available in market but this one offers true bass sound and it comes with built-in vibrating actuator located on the base which ensures low frequencies such as a heavy bass are created when placed on a surface.

Another Hands on Review by Cnet

If your phone supports NFC, turn it on your phone and tap on the speaker to connect. And if you own a Nokia Lumia, you can use the new Device Hub app to control it. As said earlier, the Nokia MD-12 works with all Bluetooth enabled devices or even without one too it can be connected using audio out connector.


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