Nokia Lumia 830 Wireless Charging Cover Review (CP-627)

One of the things that I love most about Lumia devices is how easy it is to change the color of the phone by just buying a new shell. The Redmond giant sells a flip shell cover for Lumia 830 which not only protects your phone’s display but also has wireless charging capability. It is called CP-627.

The Nokia Lumia 830’s wireless charging case has software micro fiber lining that cleans and protect your screen. MS offers the case in variety of colors so that you can match it with your style or personality. It is currently being offered in black, green and orange.

Nokia Lumia 830 Wireless Charging Cover Review CP-627

To charge the phone, simply place it over any Qi compatible wireless charger and charge your phone like magic.

Since this case is made specifically for the Nokia Lumia 830, you can precise cutouts and openings for your ports and buttons. It replaces the original back cover of your phone and keeps the overall profile thin.

So what is missing? Well it would have been nice to smart cover functionality – like the one you get on the iPad or HTC One. With those cases you could turn on the device by simply opening the flip of case. On the bright side, it stays flat on the surface, unlike the Dot View case for HTC One.

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