Nokia Lumia 735 Official Accessories: DT-900, DT-910 and MD-12

The Nokia Lumia 735 is all set to launch on Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T where it will be joining the Lumia 830 that will be made available during holiday time. Along with the company will be releasing some official accessories for Nokia Lumia 735 that include a DT-910 wireless charging stand as well as MD-12 portable wireless speaker.

Other than those two many other are perfectly compatible with it.

1. Nokia DT-900 $39.99


The DT-900 was the first wireless accessory released by Nokia and after two years, it is the cheapest one. The DT-900 is simple to useĀ  – just place your Lumia on it and it starts to charge it.

Since 735 has wireless charging tech built in, there is no need to buy cases that enable it.

2. Nokia DT-910 $41


The Nokia Lumia 735 features wireless charging that allows you to charge your phone without any wires. Unlike Nokia DT-900 it packs NFC that lets you launch selected phone apps when you use DT-910 with your Lumia 735.

Length: 112 mm
Weight: 111 g
NFC: Pairing
Wireless charging standard: Qi

3. Nokia MD-12 $62

Nokia MD-12

The MD-12 is a wireless speaker with NFC technology built in that allows you to pair your Lumia 735 with this beautiful wireless speaker by a simple touch. It has runtime of 15 hours which means it is good enough for two-three days of music listening.

NFC pairing
Bluetooth 3.0 + HS
Maximum music playback time: 15 hr
Maximum audio output: 95 dB at 0.5 m
Nokia Original accessory

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