Nokia Lumia 735 for £125 at Argos UK

If you have been yearning for a high quality windows phone but do not want to spend so much, then feel free to check out the Nokia Lumia 735 that is on sale for mere 125 pounds at Argos UK.

Nokia Lumia 735 argos

For 125 pounds, you are getting a windows phone with high quality camera lens, 5MP selfie camera, wireless charging, quad core processor and an amazing 4.7 inch display. Oh, and it is SIM unlocked too, ready to be used on any network.

The back shell of the Nokia Lumia 735 is interchangeable, so if you bought the (boring) black one, you can change it to (colorful and lively) orange, green or even cyan which has been Carphone Warehouse exclusive till now.

The screen of the Nokia Lumia 735 uses OLED tech that outputs super crisp, colorful and detailed graphics and pictures. Flash storage is 8GB and is easily expandable via micro SD card slot. Battery is removable as well. You also get 15GB free cloud storage on OneDrive.

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