Nokia Lumia 530 must have accessories, recommended by experts

The Nokia Lumia 530 is the newest entry level windows phone smartphone that retails for under 100 dollars on most online stores. Though it is so cheap, you can still customize it with some great accessories. Here are the one chosen by our experts.

1. 32GB Class 10 micro SD card – $17

nokia lumia 530 micro SD card

The Lumia 530 comes with a meager 4 gigabytes of flash storage but fortunately you can extend it via its micro SD card slot that can accommodate up to 128GB memory card. The one we recommend going for is 32GB micro SD card by Sandisk that retails $17.

2. Nokia Lumia 530 screen protector – $6

lumia 530 screen protector

Getting a screen protector for your investment makes full sense. These retail for mere $6 and do an excellent job in preventing the screen from getting scratched. We recommend the one from IQ shield which comes with lifetime replacement warranty.

3. Official flip cover for Lumia 530 – $24

nokia official flip cover for lumia 530

The official flip cover is very intelligently made as it replaces the back of the phone keeping the overall profile thin and compact. The flip cover adds a lot of class to the design and does an admirable job in protecting the display.

4. Nokia WS-2 Treasure Tag – $32

nokia ws-2 treasure tag

This amazing little accessory lets you attach your keys, bags or anything else you are prone to leave behind. It tells you the exact the place where you lost it. You also get a notification if you are about to leave it behind.

5. Nokia Cloud Bang

nokia cloud bang

The Nokia Cloud Bang allows you to listen to music with friends. It is so compact in size that you will be able to carry it around in your bag. To use it all you have to do is plug it in and turn it on. Battery life is absolutely stellar on it. We were able to get 8 hours of runtime with it.

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