Nokia DT-910 works only horizontally with Lumia 950XL

The Microsoft Lumia 950XL supports wireless charging and you can use any Qi compatible wireless charger to charge your new device but a reddit user has reported that you will be able to use the DT-910 accessory only horizontally and not vertically.

Nokia DT-910 works only horizontally with Lumia 950XL

This is a bad news as Windows 10 Mobile start screen and many applications do not support horizontal mode and the best way to place a phone onto DT-910 is vertically.

Lumia 950XL dt-910

Well at least it works. We are now word if it works vertically with Lumia 950, the non-XL model. Here are the features of the Nokia DT-910 accessory.

* No wires, no connectors Simply place your phone on the stand and it charges wirelessly while remaining in an easy-to-use upright position.
* Use Nokia Accessory App via NFC to launch selected phone applications so you can still use your phone while it’s charging.
* Need to use your phone while it charges? No problem. Just tap via NFC to launch your chosen app, place your phone on the stand and you are in business. Watch a slide show. Listen to music. Talk to friends. It’s your call. Your phone even sits upright so you can see the screen clearly and stay involved with everything that’s going on.
* Compatible with Lumia 950/950xl / Lumia 920/Lumia 820/Lumia 1510/Lumia icon/Lumia 925

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