Nokia DT-903 new wireless charging plate, comparison with DT-900

Nokia DT-903 is the new wireless charging plate and is true successor to the popular DT-900 that has been on sale from quite sometime now. The Nokia DT-903 requires your windows phone to be running at least WP8.1 GDR1 update to work.

nokia dt-903

In comparison with the DT-900 the Nokia DT-903 features glow light that is useful for notifying the user for missed calls, SMS or email. Another cool new feature is that it glows when the phone is running low on charge.

Unlike DT-900 which was available in yellow, red, white and black, the DT-903 will be sold in white, orange and green colors.

The DT-903 has bigger wireless charging area and is heavier too. Here its dimensions:

* Width: 76 mm
* Height: 159 mm
* Thickness: 8.9 mm
* Weight: 150 grams

Here are dimensions and weighing information of DT-903.

* Height: 120 mm
* Width: 60 mm
* Thickness: 11 mm
* Weight: 93 grams

Nokia DT-903 vs dt-900

If you only need wireless charging, the DT-900 does the job well and considering the fact that it costs can be bought mere $34. The DT-903 is priced at $59 USD / 59 euro.

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