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Nokia Connects renamed to Lumia Voices

Today the Nokia Connects was renamed to Lumia Voices. For those who do not know about it, the Nokia Connects program is one of the best kept secrets.

lumia voices

What is Lumia Voices?

When the Nokia Connects program first started, it was all about giving the devices to the people and test them in exciting ways. Microsoft, previously known as Nokia reached out those people through blogs and forums.

microsoft lumia voices

You would not believe it but this programme was running from past eight years through Nokia learnt more about their devices and improved them as years gone by.

At times, Nokia used to create an opportunity to get face to face interaction with the Nokia Connects community. People who are behind the scenes – think senior leaders, product managers and engineers often interacted with the community members.

Nokia Connects is now Lumia Voices

The programme is now called Lumia Voices and their new team consists of not only the geeks but also photographers, explorers and even artists. Microsoft organizes countless Instagram takeovers where people deliver a Lumia powered photo tour from their part of the world. Results are often breathtaking.

So while the name has changed – the purpose remains the same – learn as much as they can from the community of diverse people and implement them.