Nokia 3310 Celebrates its 15th Birthday today

It is hard to believe but it has been 15 years since the Nokia brick a k a Nokia 3310 was launched. Nokia sold whopping 126 million units of the phone and by the time it was retired, it developed a bit a fad status.

Nokia 3310 Celebrates its 15th Birthday today

Many even declared it the best mobile of all time. As technology enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the Lumia 940 and iPhone 6S – battery life woes and all – the Nokia 3310 continues to bring great memories like surviving 900 ft drop, bendgate, 84×84 monochrome screen, Bulletproof build quality and the great snake game!
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Nokia 3310 15 birthday

Twitter today is filled with amazing tweets where users were seen showing their love for the Nokia 3310. Here are some of the tweets that we found interesting.

The first Nokia 3310 was released 15 years ago and probably still has at least 3 bars of battery left on it.
The Nokia 3310 is 15 years old today. Still the greatest phone of all time!
Want to feel old? Nokia 3310 completes 15 years today.
The #Nokia brick phone is 15 years old and everyone still loves it.
This month,15 years ago the mighty Nokia 3310 was released.
The phone that kids everywhere life 15yrs ago was this bad boy Nokia 3310. The Apple of its generation.
Hands up who still uses a retro phone. Happy Birthday this week to the Nokia 3310 – its 15!

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