No cable and earphones come inside Nokia Lumia 530’s box

Just like its kin, Lumia 630, Nokia is not bundling either a USB cable or earphones with the Lumia 530. All you get in the box is the phone, charger, BL-5J battery and quick start guide.

Unlike other Lumia handsets, the charger has non-removable micro USB connector at one end and wall plug at the other end.

On lack of micro USB cable

lumia 530 charger

We are all used to more versatile charger that includes a micro USB cable to connect to computer and at the same time can be used to connect to its plug for wall charging.

This is clearly done to decrease the overall cost of total package. This also means that in order to connect to the computer you will have to purchase a cable separately. This will cause some inconvenience to first time smartphone buyers who will be upgrading from feature phones.

However this will be a non-issue for most users as most of us have plethora of micro USB cables lying around.

On lack of earphones

Nokia Lumia 530 earphones

The Lumia 530 does not come with the a pair of earphones inside the box so if you are hoping to listen to music or hands free calls, you will have to either buy these Nokia WH-208 $14 earphones or use any existing 3.5mm stereo earphones.

Microsoft will be aiming the Lumia 530 in emerging markets and lack of cable and earphones can be a deal breaker for some. Of course these missing items will not be much of an issue in developed markets where users may will have owned myriad smart phones and are mostly likely to have a cable and earphone lying around.

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