New App Launching Animation in Windows 10 Mobile

A video about new animation of launching an application was released today by iThome. This animation, taken from Windows 10 Mobile Build 10151, is similar to the one in the tablet mode of windows 10 desktop build 10147. Microsoft has done this as lot of power users were complaining that the animations were a tad too long and made everything appear slow.

New App Launching Animation

This animation will also reduce app launching times as it starts and ends quickly. While it does feels a bit iOS-ish, the animation does not zoom out from the app icon like in iOS, but from the center of the screen, regardless of where the tapped object was – which is more like Android. It shows lack of attention to detail. Hopefully, it will be tuned before final release.

While the older animation emphasized the app you were launching but honestly, if the app is just going to show a splash screen anyway, I’ll take the quicker animation. Although if there were some way to kill the splash screen altogether that would be preferable.

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