Minimum Specifications for Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has released information about minimum specifications for a windows 10 mobile device. It gives us an idea what to expect from a really cheap windows phone from Microsoft or another manufacture. According to our source, 32  bit ARM and Intel x86 processors are supported. So this means we might see an Intel powered windows phone in coming months.

Minimum Specifications for Windows 10 Mobile

What are the Minimum Specifications for Windows 10 Mobile?

A really low end windows phone could be like this – 800 x 480 pixel resolution display, 512MB RAM, 4GB flash storage, VGA (0.3MP) camera, no front facing camera a k a Selfie camera, Wi-Fi and no Bluetooth. Navigation buttons are required for low resolution screens.

I still believe that every Windows phone, even low-end phones, should have at least one gig of RAM but an OEM may go for 512MB RAM to target the super cheap Android phones.

So there you go – you are now aware of what to expect from upcoming cheap windows phones running Windows 10 Mobile OS. We think Microsoft’s future is x86 anyways.  That is the part of continuum and turning windows phones into mobile computers.

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