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Microsoft Surface Book Specifications; two times faster than Macbook Pro

Microsoft’s ultimate laptop is here and it is called the Surface Book. It has chiclet keyboard and an amazing design. It runs Windows 10 operating system and Microsoft is touting it as the ultimate laptop. Microsoft Surface Book is powerful enough to run Legal Legends game. Microsoft Surface Book specifications are given below.

Microsoft Surface Book Specifications

Packing latest generation of Intel Core generation whose GPU has been tuned to perfection. It has 13.5 inch screen and has 267 PPI a k a 6 million pixels packed. It has pixel sense technology and it will allow you to write symphony on this. Redmond giant says it is two times faster than Macbook Pro.

It it equipped in best in class key stroke; backlit keys that are super quite. Typing experience is perfect on it. It has 1.6 mm of travel. Microsoft says they know what keyboard should be like.

Trackpad is made of glass and it brings every windows 10 feature to life in a big way. Microsoft says that it is the fastest 13 inch laptop in the world. Battery life is about 12 hours. It will be available on October 26th, 2015 and cost 1499 dollars.