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Microsoft Office on Windows 10 Mobile is better than iPhone and Android

Yes you read that right. Microsoft Office which is now out of beta is better than its iPhone (iOS) and Android counterparts. Feature wise, Microsoft Office on Windows 10 Mobile lies somewhere in the middle between full office on windows and office suite on iOS and Android.

Microsoft Office on Windows 10 Mobile

Compared to the iOS and Android counterparts, the Windows Phone users are getting same PC version – just with smaller UI for phones. Check out Windows 10 Mobile Microsoft Office screenshots to take a sneak peek of what is coming.

The size of the whole Office suite after installation is very big, somewhere around ~1.2GB. This is because they are fully functioning. Compared to the PC variants which are ~3GB, they are on diet but fortunately are excellent ports. They even have IME input support for Korean, Japanese and Chinese languages.

So slowly but surely, everything is falling into place.