Microsoft Motorola Patent case: Guess who won?

Back in 2010, Motorola argued it must get 2.25 percent patent fee from Microsoft products over its patents over video compression and Wi-Fi products. Microsoft agreed to pay the patent fee but said 2.25 percent is a bit too high and then later, refused to pay. During that time, Microsoft was forced to shift its distribution of products using the patents in question out of Germany.

Microsoft Motorola Patent case

This included windows products and xBox console. In 2012, Google bought Motorola and maintained that argument in court even though the search engine giant was done with the company’s handset business.

Also courts found that the patents in question are now considered standard patents and subject to way lower licensing fee. The courts also said that Motorola was in violation of fair and reasonable licensing agreement rates. On July 30 2015, Ninth Circuit United States Court of Appeals closed the case by announcing verdict in favor of Microsoft and awarded the company 14.5 million dollars.

Charles Duan, a lawyer with consumer group Public Knowledge, which backed Microsoft said,

This ruling is a win for consumers, competition, and innovation. It keeps prices reasonable for old products and allows new products to come to the marketplaces.

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