Microsoft Lumia 950 to have Iris scanner

Rumor are brewing that the successor to the Nokia Lumia 930, the Lumia 950 will feature an iris scanner for enhanced security. This will be better than fingerprint scanning as user will not have to swipe or touch the sensor to unlock the display. The only drawback is if you are have sunglasses on, it would simply not work. Microsoft will be making use of infrared imaging to make sure it works in low light environments as well.

Microsoft Lumia 950

Docking support

Another rumor related to Microsoft Lumia 950 is that it could be the first windows phone support to support docking. Since windows phone 10 will support Bluetooth HID profiles and HDMI output (via Nokia HD-10), you might be able to use your Lumia 940 as standalone computer.

Snapdragon 810 processor

It is also being said that Lumia 950 will come with 20 nm Snapdragon 810 processor which will bring better performance while being more efficient than Snapdragon 800 CPU that powers the Nokia Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 windows phones. For consumer mindshare, any Windows Phone device needs to be launched with the latest and greatest processors, not last years latest and greatest processors. Launching a Snapdragon 805 flagship will ruin everything when Android devices are already releasing and will be out with the Snapdragon 810 processor.

You can also expect a bump in size of camera sensor along with three LED flash for amazing low light pictures.

We need THE flagship smartphone, not WP10 flagship

I hope Microsoft really puts their all behind the Windows 10 flagship phone to where the hardware is truly a flagship in specifications and not just a Windows 10 flagship but THE flagship smartphone. We don’t need another watered down high end device that is only high end in the Windows ecosystem yet the laughing stock in the very minds of people who would switch if the hardware was better, all other individual needs equal.

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