Microsoft Lumia 550 Review: Nothing New Other Than New Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Lumia 550 review

Lumia 550 is a mid range phone that comes preloaded with Windows 10 Mobile operating system.

The moment we took it out of the box, we were greeted with a message telling us that a lot of app + OS updates were required. So we had to wait with this windows mobile device that was hotter than we thought and ate a lot of battery juice. After the things settled down, everything felt nice and zippy – except for the fact that everything looked too darn big. Turned out the DPI was not configured properly.
Microsoft Lumia 550 review

Design and screen: Clearblack!

At 4.7 inches, the Lumia 550 is a very compact phone. Think iPhone 6s but with plastic body. So it feels more compact than mid range Samsung Android devices like Galaxy J5 and Galaxy On5 – both of which come with 5” screens. Talking about screens, the Lumia 550 has 720p resolution IPS display that also has been given clearblack treatment  so the blacks looks really good.
Microsoft Lumia 550 review test


We do not plan to run any benchmarks here as Windows 10 Mobile runs smooth on any hardware but its Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor does the job well in handling anything and everything with ease. However, we could not make out why Microsoft released Lumia 550 when Lumia 540 could everything better and offer more features. More on that below.
Microsoft Lumia 550 reviews

Lumia 550 vs Lumia 540

The Lumia 540 comes with a 8MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. 550 has 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. The screen on 540 is bigger (5” vs 4.7” on 550). Battery size is also smaller on 550 – so why does the Lumia 550 exist? May be Microsoft wanted to show off their their new logo?


The correct answer is 4G LTE which is, sadly not the top priority for the budget buyers. That said if 4G matters to you, Lumia 550 would be a good choice or you could buy yourself Lumia 640 LTE that offers better performance – Snapdragon 400 > Snapdragon 210. Read Lumia 540 review here.

It should be noted that the Lumia 540 was never released globally. Most countries had the Lumia 535 and Lumia 640. So for most people, the Lumia 550 will be a direct replacement for the Lumia 535.

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