Microsoft Dialer is a True Caller Clone; Windows Phone App in Tunnel

Microsoft is working on an app called Dialer that it will be using to take on True Caller in India. A group of users have already posted some screenshots of the app. This is how it looks like.

Microsoft Dialer

Like Truecaller, the Microsoft Dialer app will show real time information about caller including option to block calls.

While no concrete data is available right now, we do know that it it will be launched sometime in second week of December. In the beginning, Microsoft will be starting with an android app, but we have been confirmed that a windows phone is also in the works that will be released early next year.

There is no word if this app will be making its way outside India. We strongly feel that it is MIcrosoft’s mistake in limiting such functionalities to only particular countries. This truecaller-like service would immensely improve out-of-box Windows 10 Mobile experience.

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