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Microsoft adds application version in Windows 10 Store

Microsoft has added version number in the browser based version of the app store which means they are getting ready to add version number in the application store on phones and computers as well. Other things that have been corrected and improved include screenshots of application that were previously seen in ugly, black windows.

Microsoft adds application version in Windows 10 Store

Unfortunately, if the application has different versions for different devices it still does not know the exact version number and under these circumstances, version is dependent on the device.

I suspect that soon an update to the windows store will hit both phones and computers that will which further unify the appearance of the store on any device regardless of whether you shop using web browser or using the windows store application.

That said, app version numbers in no way fix the problem though. People don’t care what app version number they’re on. They want to know what day that app version released. Microsoft needs to start showing the last updated date on the store.