Meego replaces Symbian in mid tier, i.e. Symbian is dead in three years?

Eldar Murtazin, the man behind many juicy Nokia rumors, posted in Twitter earlier today (and please remember that this is just a rumor at this point):

“Nokia are going to develop in future low end version of meego to replace symbian in mid tier. 3 years from now”

Symbian was first pushed from high end to mid tier (by the introduction of Meego), and now we are going see Symbian pushed even lower, to the lowest end of smart phones? Doesn’t that mean, that Symbian as a smartphone platform will be dead soon? Unless, every phone in the future will be a smart phone, and run on Symbian or Meego. What does this twit mean?

Well, it means nothing. Three years from now the mid tier hardware will be able to run the Meego of today. Even if Nokia rested on their laurels, they would be able to run Meego in mid tier three years from now.

Nokia N95 became available in 2007. It had 330MHz processor. In 2010, Nokia N8 comes out with 680MHz processor. Double that, and in 2013 the high end Symbian devices (today’s mid tier) would have 1360MHz processors. That would be more than good enough to run today’s Meego. You can add UI polish and some new features to your liking so that it would not be exactly the same as today.

This rumor just means that in three years time we will be able to run Meego on more diversified and cheaper hardware than today. This is because of the natural evolution of the hardware and Moore’s law.

And, it will make it possible to run Symbian even in lower end phones.

That’s why it is difficult to predict the percentage of Nokia phones that will have Symbian vs. Meego vs. Series40 vs. Series30 in 2013, but it’s obvious that the portion of Meego will grow substantially.There will always be the lowest end basic phones (with Series30-Series40?), and always the highest end with Meego.

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