Lumia 950XL comes with free Continuum Dock

Listing of Microsoft Lumia 950XL on USA site now says that the Windows 10 device comes with a free Microsoft Continuum dock. Until now, this offer was valid only in Germany and UK.

Lumia 950XL free Continuum Dock

Microsoft Continuum dock is very important to attract the buyers as this is what makes the Lumia 950XL unique and different from flagships from other manufactures. The dock allows users to use their phones as desktop computers.

You can sign up for the updates here. After buying the phone, fire up Lumia Offers app and you will get the information on how to avail the free dock. If I recall correctly, it’s a similar (or identical) process to redeeming Office 365 which was included with the Lumia 640 for a limited time.

The Lumia 950XL comes with 5.7 inch quad HD display, 32GB flash storage, micro SD card slot, removable battery, 20MP rear camera, 5MP FFC and Windows 10 Mobile operating system.

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