Lumia 530 Price Revealed, to cost 599 Yuan in China

Nokia is yet to reveal the price of its low end windows phone, the Lumia 530 but our sources have told us that the phone is already on sale in China for 599 Yuan which translates to USD 96 / GBP 60.

The 530 is on sale from Suning, Dixon pass and other Chinese retailers.

The ‘under $100’ price tag makes the Nokia Lumia 530 very tempting and we are sure that the Finnish giant will strike gold with it – it might even outsell every other Lumia handset sold till date.

Lumia 530 Price

And since it is a windows phone, it will be much more smoother and battery friendly than the cheap Android phones like Moto E which is slated to be its direct competitor in emerging markets like China and India.

Some users will be disappointed by its inability to shoot HD videos and the fact that no cable or earphones are present inside its box but we are sure that its price tag will lure enough people to make it the top selling phone in no time.

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