Lumia 1030 to be Verizon exclusive?

Display frame of what is said to be of Microsoft Lumia 1030 has been posted online. The leaked display frame has Lumia 1030 written on it by a marker which is a normal practice when a device is tested in labs. Interestingly it bears a Verizon logo (and of course a Microsoft logo as well) which proves that the Lumia 1030 is going to be Verizon-exclusive in the US.

Lumia 1030

Successor of Nokia Lumia 1020, the Lumia 1030 was rumored to cancelled but if the above shown picture is true, then it better not be exclusive to Verizon. It needs to be on a GSM network in the US or at the very least support ATT/Tmobile LTE bands.

The phone was also rendered by someone back in September 2014 where the renderer said that it will come with a 20MP front facing camera for taking the most detailed selfies on Earth.

Lumia 1030

The display frame, leaked by nowhereelese of the Lumia 1030 is very much similar to the unit that was leaked in December and it is now confirmed that it will be ditching hardware navigation buttons for the sake of extra real estate. This will improve browsing and multimedia experience as well.

What do you think of the Lumia 1030? Will you be getting it when it is released?

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