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Low bandwidth VOIP for Windows Phone: Download RingID secure messaging app – make phone calls on 2G

Folks at RingID have announced the addition of music sharing, streaming and HD video capabilities that is optimized for low bandwidth situations. Targeted at emerging markets and country sides where the Internet speeds are not too great, RingID will allow friends and family to do video chat with each other over low internet speeds and thus becoming a nice low bandwidth VOIP solution for windows phone.
Low bandwidth VOIP for Windows Phone

RingID has also churned out a new feature called media cloud that lets users stream and download music from ringID’s cloud space so that you can play them offline. The app is so well optimized that you will be able to make phone calls on 2G network connection. Of course you will enjoy better clarity over 3G and wireless LAN connections but it is good to know that it works nicely over 2G.

Other nifty feature of RingID includes chat, stickers, newsfeed (updates from friends and family) and ability to share photos, images, videos and sending voice messages with friends. You can also create a circle of friends and non-friends.