List of Windows Phones with NFC built in

The windows phone range comes with great list of easy to use features and one of those is NFC whose full form is Near Field Communication. It has become a must have feature in all smartphones so what is it? Well NFC is a low power and secure wireless communication technology that operates in close proximity.

list of windows phones with nfc

List of Windows Phones with NFC: How is it useful?

Many Lumia and windows phones from other manufactures come with NFC built in and it is extremely useful for pairing up phones for sending huge amounts of data quickly; for hooking up with speaker docks, headphones and even mobile payments. It shall, however be noted that NFC is supported in different ways depending the chipset and the OS, so one phone may not support a particular feature or functionality.

windows phone nfc

List of Windows Phones with NFC

HTC 8x
HTC One M8 for Windows
Lumia 620
Lumia 640
Lumia 640 XL
Lumia 720
Lumia 730
Lumia 735
Lumia 820
Lumia 830
Lumia 920 Read Lumia 920 review
Lumia 925
Lumia 930
Lumia 1020
Lumia 1520

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