List of Lumia phone supporting NFC Tap of Pay: Download Wallet 2.0 for Windows 10 Mobile

We have direct download links for wallet 2.0 app for windows 10 mobile that will give you tap to pay feature. Here is the list of compatible Lumia devices that support the NFC Tap to Pay – Lumia 640 XL (non-LTE), Lumia 650, 650 Dual SIM, Lumia 950, 950 Dual SIM, 950XL and 950XL Dual SIM. If your Lumia is not on the list, chances are either its NFC firmware is not compatible with the new Wallet 2.0 app that enables this feature or Microsoft is yet to test it on ‘that’ phone.

NFC Tap of Pay supported lumia phones

Interestingly, Lumia 1520 is also not on the list and the phone did not make it to list of approved master card HCE as well. HCE is chiefly a software version of the secure SIM that was briefly used for payments when we had Soft Card, now know as Android Pay / Isis. So while HCE is theoretically supported on older Lumia devices (provided you have secure SIM installed), it is likely that secure SIM implementation was removed from OS and making HCE exclusive to windows 10 mobile, android and iOS.

Download wallet 2.0 app from here. You have to be latest Redstone build to use it.

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