Last Chance to Get Windows 10 Mobile on older Lumia phones

If you are owner of Lumia 920, 925 or 1020, this is the time to hop onto windows 10 mobile using windows insider program as otherwise you will loose the opportunity to even try the new OS in future. This is because the public release of windows 10 anniversary update aka windows 10 redstone will be pushed and MS will be shifting entire windows development over Redstone Wave 2.

Windows 10 Mobile on older Lumia

In August, the people in release preview ring will be getting redstone builds instead of threshold builds bearing 10586 build number. Since the older Lumia devices are ineligible to receive Redstone builds, owners will soon have no practical path to install Windows 10 Mobile. Here is how to do it.

1. Back up your current phone online to be safe. Remember to download any videos you want to keep to your PC, since these are often not backed up to OneDrive on Windows 8 devices. You will want this backup in case you ever decide to go back to Windows Phone 8.1 via the Windows Device Recovery Tool.

2. Remove any SD cards if you can. Take a screen shot of your Start Screen to make it easier to recreate (since we won’t be restoring from backup if all goes well). Make sure it shows up on OneDrive.

3. Download the Windows Insider app and enroll your device in the Release Preview ring. Follow instructions to check for updates and you should be offered an Insider build of Windows 10.

4. After the upgrade, your device will probably be on build 10586.107. Do not worry about apps at this point. Immediately check for updates again and you should be offered an update to the current production build (currently .420). You want this for best stability. Update again.

5. Once the latest production build is installed, do a hard reset. Afterwards, when you first log in with your Microsoft account, you will be offered a chance to restore the phone from a recent backup. Do not choose a backup: instead choose to set your phone up as a new device. Go through the out of box experience and finish setting up your phone.

6. At this point, open the Store and do a manual check for updates. You should see a ton of apps, 30-40 or so, including the Store itself needing updates. Keep checking until all are installed.

7. You should now have a clean, stable factory production build of Windows 10 Mobile, without any cruft left over from your previous Windows Phone 8.1 installation. You can recreate your Start screen, set up your additional accounts, and download any additional apps your prefer.

8. If you want to reuse your SD card, I’d consider copying any important contents to your PC, then reformatting it before using it again in the phone.

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