IOTransfer Review – Manage Files, Convert Videos, Cleanup storage on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

IOTransfer review

If you are looking for a simple tool for your iPhone that lets you do file management, download and convert videos, check out the IOTransfer 3. This app does all of those three tasks in a simplified manner which means you would be able to transfer media files and optimize videos for the smaller iPhone screen. You can transfer files either using the USB cable or by making use of the new AIR-TRANS feature that makes use of Wi-Fi direct technology. This lets you quickly transfer files from your PC to iPhone without any wires. It supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10 operating system and iOS 8 or later.

IOTransfer makes iPhone transfer intuitive and painless as files are converted to iPhone-readable format on the fly – all without any user intervention. So, you don’t need to make out the format of the video or any other file. A simple drag and drop feature would work just fine.

IOTransfer manage files

IOTransfer also has online video downloader feature that lets you download from all almost all video streaming websites. It supports a variety of video formats including mp4, avi, wmv and mkv. The IOTransfer lets you automatically transfer online videos between your iPhone and computer. Here is how you do it – easily import any video source on your computer to iPhone with one click and synchronize videos across iPhone without iTunes / iCloud.

IOTransfer video converter

IOTransfer also offers cleaning system that lets you clear iPhone system storage with few mouse clicks. This lets you easily scan iOS devices and remove junk files from your iOS device. This includes junk files, app caches, cookies, crash logs and so on. This will help you to free up valuable storage on your iPhone which you can use for something else. Your device will feel snappier too.

IOTransfer iphone cleaner

The app also doubles as Instagram photo downloader. It also supports videos so instagram videos are converted to MP4, MKV and other formats. Once the conversion is done, simply transfer them the photos from your computer to your iPhone.

In other words, IOTransfer ensures smooth experience on your device. The app is not just a file manager but also lets you clean your iPhone; download and convert local and instagram videos and so on. All these features make it a must have for every iOS device owner. Trust us, it will make your life much easier.

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