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Install Registry Editor on Lumia 950XL: MTP working on Lumia 950 XL

An XDA user has managed to install registry editor on his Microsoft Lumia 950XL. He has provided instructions on this thread at Both MTP and registry editor were not earlier working on it but now are running just fine. You will have to turn on developer mode first. For that go to Settings > Updates and Security > For Developers > Developers Mode.
Install Registry Editor on Lumia 950XL

Here are the instructions.
1. installed an old rom ( ROM 10.0.10586.0 ) to my Lumia 950 XL with Windows Phone Image Designer
2. install Preview for developers on windows phone. Do not open it yet.
3. Install NO updates and put the phone in airplane mode
4. Moved the preview for developers app to my SDCard
5. Unpacked (with winrar) an old version (direct download link) of the CustomPDF_0003.xap to the root of my SDCard in an new created dir called “Install”
6. Installed PocketPhoneManager4360.xap on my phone. Direct download link of pocket phone manager for windows 10 mobile.
in the app Pocket file manager goto -> sdcard -> WPSystem -> Apps -> {178AC.8A1-6519…} and remove ALL files in this dir
7. Copy the new created Install dir (see step 5) in this dir (sdcard -> WPSystem -> Apps -> {178AC.8A1-6519…} )

mtp lumia 950 xl
Also you can now start Preview for developers app and start playing around. These steps also might work on Lumia 950 but we have not tested it.