Install Lumia Camera 5 on Unsupported Lumia (Tutorial)

An XDA user has found a way to install Lumia Camera 5 on unsupported Lumias like 520, 535 and so on. Here are the requirements.

1. An unlocked Lumia device – simply developer unlock it. This allows you to install two official apps. There is no need to interop unlock the Lumia.

2. A Windows 8.1 computer with official 8.1 or 8.1 Lite SDK. [link]
3. Patched Lumia Camera 5 XAP which can be downloaded from here.

Install Lumia Camera 5 on 520 525 530 535 625 820

Deploy the XAP file using Windows Phone 8.1 deployment app. If you get an error, reinstall the SDK. Open the app on your Lumia. It will tell you to update to Denim.

Just press back key two times. Make sure not to tap “ok” on the screen. Now restart the Lumia Camera 5 app and you will not see the error again.

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