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Install Here Drive and Here Maps on Lumia 950 | Download Here Drive Maps on Windows 10 Mobile

If you are a Windows 10 mobile user or a user of Lumia 950, 950 XL, 550 or any of the Lumia that come pre loaded with Windows 10 mobile, you might have noticed that Here apps like Here Maps or Here Drive do not come pre installed. The bad thing is that they are not even available for download from the store.

Download Here Drive Maps on Windows 10 Mobile

Download Here Maps Drive for Windows 10 Mobile

Fortunately, there is a way but for that you will have to interop unlock the windows 10 mobile device. After that, deploy the applications from the links given below. Download link for Here Transit is also available which is fairly popular for those who like to move around using Buses.

So what happened with those HERE apps?

If you upgraded to W10M with a phone that already had a HERE app installed, they will still be there. If you reset after upgrading, it’ll only be there if the HERE app was pre-installed to the phone. If you’re on a new phone like the Lumia 950/XL or Lumia 550, you can’t get them and there’s no indication we ever will. Instead of mourning or complaining about it, we should concentrate on getting Microsoft to make Maps better, an app we know will always have.
Download HERE maps for android phones here.
Download Here Maps Drive for Windows 10 Mobile

Choice between Microsoft Maps and HERE Drive

Some people prefer HERE Drive over the new maps app as it former has larger and more legible text which one can easily see at a glance – without taking the eyes off the road. That said Maps on Windows 10 is fantastic, I much prefer it to the HERE suite. It will take some time for Microsoft to get HERE Maps’ missing features back but I am sure they will be back.