Re install glance screen on windows 10 mobile: How to reinstall glance screen on windows 10 mobile

If the glance screen is not working in windows 10 mobile, no need to worry as an xda member has posted a solution on how to re install glance screen. The best part is that no windows 10 mobile interop unlock is required. This process requires you to download the XAP file of glance and putting it on your phone’s storage.

Re install glance screen on windows 10 mobile

No need to fret, here are the steps:

1. Enable developer mode on your phone. For that, go to Settings > Update & Security > For developers and enable Developer mode.
2. Download the glance xap file from here on your computer and sideload it. Of course for doing that, you must developer unlock your phone and register it as well. Then using Windows Phone 8.1 deploy tool, deploy that downloaded xap.
3. DO NOT open the file yet. Open Store and click update. An error will occur. Simply uninstall the glance XAP  from app list. Go back to home screen and ensure Store is not running in background. For that, fire up task switcher and close Store.
4. Fire up store again and search for updates again. Click on the refresh button and you are done. via

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